Essential questions / answers to know before buying a doll

1/ What are the Real-love-doll company’s products?

Ordoll (Real-love-doll group) company has offered quality dolls since 2013. The brand offers a range of elegantly composed dolls. The models vary according to the size of dolls (small and large), according to the materials used, such as silicone and TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), and depending on the quality and price of the manufacturing process. Dolls made from TPE bring every satisfaction to the most demanding of customers, in terms of taste, and are suited to those seeking a doll of extraordinary realism which are a touch closer to reality. TPE dolls of 125 cm are naturally light, reliable, robust, afford great realism and offer incredible flexibility. They also represent an excellent price to quality ratio. These dolls are dazzling and captivate because of their many attributes. Our eyes fall on them quite naturally, where they cause new fantasies to spring to mind. There is an endless array of pleasures that can be found when passing time with a doll and each client benefits from one differently. Some people experience the greatest pleasures while others experience a more spiritual peace.

2/ Why buy a sex doll?

It is a major factor in great sexual blossoming: the experience of pleasure that is found in a caress of another, or the mere look of a doll in her living room. Discovering the enjoyment to be had with a doll triggers a natural process that allows ever higher levels of enjoyment to be gained. These intensely pleasurable sensations increase during intercourse.

The body becomes aflame and its sensitivity is thoroughly heightened. Some men will experience pleasure by stimulating parts of the body other than the genital area. This possibility of infinite pleasure is, of course, dependent on the particular preferences of the individual: choose the doll that you like and feel the desire at the most opportune time. Male pleasure is not capricious, it asks only to grow so long as the conditions are conducive.

The ‘loving’ context afforded by a doll is a good supplement and can be cultivated, especially after the passionate phase at the beginning, after first meeting. Desire, excitement and love are the characteristics most associated with sexual happiness, and these associations can be cultivated with a doll.

3/ How are they made?

The finished doll constitutes a real work of art. Made by specialist artists, each doll requires in excess of 100 hours of work to come to fruition. The bodies and faces are created by a designer and are then shaped by sculptors before the production moulds are made. Most manufacturing steps are carried out by hand, from the mounting of the articulated skeleton to the preparation and injection of silicone. The dolls are then carefully made up, meticulously manicured and pubic hairs are inserted one by one…

4/ How about delivery? How long until the dolls are delivered?

• The dolls are delivered with a multitude of available accessories: a repair kit, a cleaning kit, a heated vagina and clothing.

• Our packages are sent to all the countries of the European Union, the United States and Canada. For all other countries, contact the following email address to see if we deliver in your country –
• Express home delivery takes about 15 days with online tracking and an indivdual tracking number. We employ the services of carriers FedEx and DHL.

• The parcel is insured to 100% of its market value.

• Track deliveries online from the customer area of the website.

• Obtain a detailed invoice online from the customer area.

• Countries within the EU.

• The parcel is discreet and neutral and does not sport any distinctive markings.

• The dolls are delivered directly to your door even if you are on the top floor without lift access.

• If you are out repeatedly or on holiday for the delivery, your package will be kept for up to one month in a FedEx or DHL store. During this time of storage, we would advise you to come to an arrangement with the courier for an agreeable day and a time for delivery. No additional fee will be charged.

• The FedEx or DHL courier will always contact you by telephone to confirm before attempting to deliver.

5/ If a smell emanates from the dolls, is it normal and is it dangerous?

In principle, no odour should be discharged from either the TPE or silicone dolls. There may be a new smell that is noticeable when opening the package, but this disappears after a few hours. If the odour persists, then give a warm bath to your doll and the smell will disappear permanently. The coating is designed such that it is perfectly suited for sexual contact. The silicone and TPE used both correspond to European standards. The dolls represent no danger. There are no wires or sharp parts in our dolls, so sex is totally and 100% without risk.

6/ Where can you find clothes for dolls? How do you dress and undress a doll ?

It is generally necessary to dress a doll in clothing suited to a 16 year old, sized S or XS, for a doll of 135 cm.
It is generally necessary to to dress in clothing that is sized S or M for a doll taller than 135 cm. There are many internet sites that sell such clothes, but you can also go directly to a shop. It is down to individuals to research and customise their dolls to make them their own. We offer a collection of clothes at the website in the accessories section of real love

Potentially, you can dress your doll any type of clothing you want, no matter whether the head is removable, or not.
Nonetheless, to facilitate dressing, you should choose clothes that are:
– Stretchy
– Buttoned (to avoid passing clothes over the head)
– Fitted with a zip (to avoid passing clothes over the head)

Clothing for the upper body: It all depends on the type of clothing you want to put your beautiful doll in. If the top is quite tight at the neck, then remove the head of your doll (if possible) which can make your job easier.

The idea is that, ideally, friction will be avoided between the top and the face of the doll when it is pulled over.
Also beware of the eyes / eyelashes and the mouth when handling

For dolls where the head can be taken off: After removing the head, place the arms straight in front. You must first slip the sleeves down and then unfold the sleeves to their maximum length, especially for long sleeves. After that, you just have to pass clothing over the head support, then the rest will come by itself.

For all other dolls where the head does not come off: Dress the doll lying on a bed with legs stretched out. To put the legs through clothes, use clothing that is expandable either with buttons or a zip fastening.

7/ What is the difference between TPE and silicone?

TPE is more soft and pleasant to the touch, but it is slightly more fragile and requires a little more maintenance. TPE is more messy. TPE allows for more flexibility in the doll’s movements and it is very realistic. TPE seems more ‘young’. In summary, TPE and silicone are much the same and their differences are not really easily spotted. A doll made of TPE is slightly more difficult to move than a silicone doll because the material is more flexible and it has less control.

It is also necessary to be more vigilant when storing, because TPE can deform more easily and it is advisable to store a TPE doll lying down, which is less the case for a silicone doll

8/ What is the difference between an inserted vagina and a moulded vagina? What is the best choice? Is it necessary to use a lubricant during sex?

There are advantages and disadvantages with both choices. The moulded vagina is more realistic and aesthetically pleasing, with better and more enjoyable sensations. The moulded vagina can not be changed if a big tear occurs and a repair kit can only be used to deal with minor tears. The inserted vagina is easily changed, so it is therefore easier to repair and replace it with a new one. It is also easier to clean because it can be directly removing from the doll after sex.

To conclude, we recommend a moulded vagina to side with realism and for sensations, but we recommend the inserted vagina for convenience.

Yes, it is necessary to use a lubricant, preferably a water-based one. Lubricants are found in all pharmacies. Verify that the lubricant chosen does not contain traces of silicone.

9/ Which holes do dolls have for sexual penetration? Do dolls also allow anal and oral sex, too?

Ordoll, Wmdoll, Hitdoll and Yourdoll brands of doll all have three sexual openings (vaginal, anal and oral).

However, other brands vary by model, so check in the description of the doll to see whether it has three orifices.

10/ Do I need to maintain my doll? Is it necessary to worry about degradation? What maintenance should I do? How do I dress my doll ?

Yes, it is necessary to take care of your doll, just like a real woman. It is advisable to use water-based lubricants during intercourse and other lubricants are not recommended. It is advisable to use baby powder after showering or bathing it to restore its very soft skin. Talcum powder works best when the doll is dry, so do not put talc on when the doll is wet. Avoid placing your doll on the floor or on rough surfaces, since silicone or TPE can easily tear into small pieces. Human skin can bleed due to excessive wear and, although the skin of the doll does not bleed, it can tear or cut. Do not bite her nipples. You can use a soft cloth and soapy water for daily cleansing. By contrast, if there is a cleaning task to be done, do not rub hard, thus avoid damage to the outer layer of silicone. Take a cotton cloth soaked in white spirit for cleaning on a single occasion (or a maximum of two). Question 14 answers this enquiry more precisely of how to proceed.

It is not necessary to wash a doll on a daily basis. A hot bath with a laundry powder or a pine resin soap with water once a week is sufficient. The doll will be completely cleaned, especially after it is well rinsed and the doll has dried, leaving it with very soft skin.
If, after bathing, you pour talc over your doll, it will make it even better. Talcum powder will make the doll very soft and will prevent dust from settling on her skin.

Never raise arms to anything in excess of 90°. This could tear the silicone in the armpits.
And, for the same reason, avoid carrying your doll by holding it by the armpits.
It is preferable to carry it having one arm on its back and the other under the legs.
Use of a wheelchair can be a help when transporting a doll around, especially for owners of dolls which weigh more than 40 kilos.

Never leave your doll too long lying on its front, because this may crush the breasts over time.
Do not leave your doll on a raised support for too long (several days). For example, on a rattan chair.

Folding its arms before picking a doll up prevents her hands from tearing due to friction caused by an obstacle or because the legs rub together and silicone sticks to silicone.
Pay attention to the hands and feet of the doll as you would with your own. The moveable fingers are particularly fragile. It is therefore necessary to anticipate the position of a doll during movement. The eyelashes and nails almost always eventually fall out sooner or later, but it is possible to re-secure them with a dab of super glue or a strong Japanese TPE type of glue.

Avoid positioning the head of your doll with its face against the ground, as this could cause damage to the mouth or eyelashes, both of which are very fragile. This is the case, which can often happen when you take your doll doggy style, for example. It is therefore necessary to remember to put a cushion under the chest of the doll to prevent improper contact of the head and not to rest the elbows on a solid support because this could damage them.

11/ What maintenance is needed for wig?

 Principally, there are two kinds of wigs: those made of a synthetic hair base and those made entirely of natural hair. Mixtures of the two also exist!

On the site real-love-doll, we only sell synthetic wigs but you can buy natural wigs, too. Please note that prices are higher and the maintenance regime is not the same for natural wig.

If odour impregnates your wig, you can add a little baking soda in the wash to remove it. Ideally, you should store the wig on a head (one of polystyrene or from a mannequin) and to comb it regularly with a hard, new toothbrush.

12/ What do you need to clean the private parts after sex? Is the use of a condom necessary?

You can use a mild soap with water, then it is necessary to rinse and to wait until it has dried entirely. A condom is recommended, but it is not at all mandatory, as it reduces the sensations and you must lubricate twice the normal amount in order to prevent chafing and drying. You can use a hair dryer to dry the orifices more quickly or use a small towel on the inside. Do not spend too long at time with a hair dryer because silicone and TPE can melt and deform. Additionally, you can use an antiseptic but it is necessary to wait for it to dry before the next use. If you use a condom, you can use the doll even if there are a few drops of antiseptic left. Refrain from using antiseptic in abundance, because you might face the risk of getting some burns from unprotected penetrations, so make sure the hole is dry. Cleaning is necessary after each use and it is important not to delay in this process. It is essential to clean the holes that have been used without waiting for several day because a risk of the proliferation of microbes and bacteria does exist. A pear-shaped enema douche is used for moulded vaginas, which allows you to move the doll each time before you have the chance to shower or bathe it. We sell pear-shaped enema douches in the accessories section of the website.

A douche with a nozzle also exists which can work in place of a pear-shaped enema douche, offering a more continuous flow so that washing will be all the more effective – certainly compared to the latter. On the other hand, care must be taken to avoid accidental overpressure, or you may « burst » the anal or vaginal opening of the doll if the flow of water is powerful and it is not able to escape on the sides.

13/ Which are the dolls with the ‘sound and heat’ option?

The luxury Hitdolls silicone dolls can heat themselves. The integral heating system is primarily designed for luxury dolls made with silicone. TPE dolls are less supportive of temperature increases and are not really suited to heating. The integral heating system heats the whole of the body’s parts, including the hands and feet. The latest heating system incorporates full sound (see video).

For TPE dolls we offer a free USB vagina heater, which will heat the vaginal or anal parts of the body, but it will be less effective than an integral heating system.

During sex or following a simple caress you do not always enjoy complete happiness because of the cold feel of the doll’s body and this has had a huge impact on the quality of relations. To reduce the gap between the dolls and real women, we use advanced technology directly within the doll, so it helps to have a warm, made-to-measure body. A doll will offer a temperature around 37 degrees throughout the body, not only in the areas surrounding the sexual organs. The moan of a doll will gently accompany you from when you begin until you reach your peak. We use a highly intelligent heating technology with dolls. It is possible to detect the speed of the action and the frequency of movement thanks to an intelligent smart sensor. The electronic chip offers the chance to alter the doll’s voice to one of a real girl. Our doll has a voice recorder feature which you can use to record the voice of your affectionate girl directly from a computer.

English Instructions:

A function button: play the voices in sequence.

B function button: play the voices in sequence.

C function button: doll body heating switch with indication voice.

D function button: adjust the volume of the sound

How to adjust the volume of the sound?:

Press “D”button–press”A” to turn up,press “B” to turn down–the press”D” to exit sound regulation system.

Note: The audio playing sequence can’t be controlled when pressing “D” to enter into sound regulation system. You should press”D” again to exit sound regulation system,then play the audio by pressing”A” or “B”.

Remote Control
Socket function description

220V AC socket: It is for body heating function.Connect it to power,then it can be used.

5V DC socket: It is for voice power supply and recharging. Connect it to power,then it can be used.

Note: To heat the body,you need to connect the two sockets to power; For voice,only connect the 5V DV socket to power.

Heating time: the whole body can be heated after 15-30 minutes(according to indoor temperature).

Custom voices: Customers can offer 6 kinds of voices and we record them into the head of doll. The total audio size can’t exceed 256MB.

Important notes:

Please don’t heat the doll body during using and be sure to cut off 220V AC power supply.

Heating parts:
Bust–vaginal parts-belly-waist-hips-legs (note: the arms with no heating)

The body,vaginal an anal parts of your sex doll can be cleaned by shower except the head. Clean the head separately with a wet cloth.

14/How is it possible to spot clean my doll?

Before explaining how to do this, it is important not to confuse a dirty soil stain with colour fading on clothing. Here, we are talking about soil staining. An explanation of how to deal with garment dye stains are to be found in question 19.

If the mark is small, then it may fade with soap and water but it is recommended not to rub the silicone. Instead, you must dab the doll and refrain from rubbing it. If the stain remains then the first solution is to order the stain remover paste from the accessories section of the website. The second solution involves taking a cloth that has been dipped into white spirit and cleaning on a single occasion (or a maximum of 2). Some wigs may stain at their internal fabric, but this is not a problem. More of a risk is the skin colour of the doll which is pale and that’s why we do not recommend lightly coloured dolls… It is possible to use acetone on dolls made of silicone, in place of white spirit, but the smell is stronger than that of white spirit.

For marks made from soil staining:

– Use acetone or white spirit on silicone, if dabbing with soapy water has not worked.

– Use white spirit on TPE, if dabbing with soapy water has not worked.

For stains made on clothing (clothes or wigs) :

-Wait a few weeks for stains on silicone dolls because their material naturally absorbs colour over time (and even the largest marks will disappear). This will require you to be patient for a couple of weeks.

– Always wash new clothes before putting them, including underwear.
If there is too much of a stain with a TPE doll, it may be necessary to buy a renovator which will be highly effective and which can be bought from the accessories section.

It is a staining product, a sort of white paste which can be applied with a cotton swab to the stained area.

– Apply the renovation paste to TPE dolls.

15/ Can I apply make up and perfume to my doll? Are piercings allowed? And tattoos?

You can use make up with your doll but is necessary to refrain from using lipstick ‘gloss’ since this will risk colouring the silicone.

Generally, it is not recommended to use perfume directly on your doll. This will damage the silicone and make it brighter. It is better to use perfume on clothing or on the wig.

Nonetheless, if you choose to put perfume on your doll, opt for places which are not visible (behind the ears or on the skull, for example). You can pierce the silicone anywhere (face, ears, sexual organs…) Please, however, take sufficient material for body piercing, and take care not to tear the silicone from the piercing when it is being manipulated.

16/ Is a doll’s skeleton articulated?

The joints are designed to bend in a normal way and in virtually all positions. If you force a joint in the wrong direction, then you may break it. Never force it in the wrong direction. It is important not to apply too much force at delicate areas, such as the armpits and the crotch, since most tears are reported at these locations. The fingers are articulated.

17/ Should we worry about degradation in the longer term? What if a doll is not used for a long time? Where can I store my doll?

The main idea is to use a doll in the correct way by adhering to the instructions as laid out in the previous questions and it will last for years. It is advisable to keep it stored unclothed with a sheet wrapped around it to protect it from dust. Do not keep it dressed because some clothes can rub off over extended periods of time. The ideal position for maintenance, when not in use, it is to lie her down on her back. Do not keep the doll in other positions. If you do keep a doll in one pose for several weeks or months without activity, then it may warp over the long term (see question 18 about deformations). Never leave your doll for too long lying on its stomach as this may crush the breasts over time. It is advisable to lie it with the legs and arms slightly apart on a mat or on memory foam cushions (« memory foam » is a material that adapts to the shape being pressed into it according to the weight of force). Do not put heavy objects on the doll, because this may cause it to be deformed. It is advisable to wrap it in a sheet and then in a white duvet. It should then be placed on pillows, preferably memory foam, and put in a cardboard box or placed directly on a mattress. If it is stored in a cardboard box, then this ought to be closed. You can put several uncooked rice bowls next to the doll, directly inside the cardboard box, to limit exposure to humidity. Rice absorbs the moisture in the cardboard and this is our little trick at Real-love-doll.

18/ I have a deformed doll, because I have stored it incorrectly. What should I do?

If you have unfortunately suffered deformation problems due to negligence, then it is necessary to heat the doll up with a good bath and to put it in the position it should have been in. It is then necessary to keep the doll in this position for several minutes and to repeat the action until the deformation disappears.

19/ An item of clothing has rubbed off on my doll, what should I do?

Sometimes some poorly-made clothes rub off on your doll and, most often, this happens with black-dyed clothing. If this is the case, do not panic and do not try to scrub with water and soap at where the colour has marked because this might make small tears on top of the doll and worsen the problem. Also, you may damage the outer layer of silicone. – For silicone dolls it may take a few weeks but even the largest marks will disappear. Silicone naturally absorbs staining. The paler the skin tone of the doll, the greater the risk from marking, which is why we do not recommend light coloured dolls… The solution for a TPE doll is to use a gel that is put on the stained area, a product for which it is perfectly suited. The gel should be allowed to work for between 3 and 20 hours until everything disappears. A suitable gel is available under accessories section of the site at Real love doll. Pay attention not to confuse classic types of soil staining with mere faded areas on the doll. The special gel is available under accessories section of the site at Real love doll.

For marks made from soil stains:
– Acetone or white spirit is used for silicone (see question 14 « How do I spot clean my doll »? )

– White spirit for TPE (see question 14 « How should spot clean my doll »? )

For faded areas (clothing or wigs):
– Wait a few weeks for silicone (and even the largest areas will disappear)

– Apply the renovation paste for TPE that is available from the site’s accessories section at Real love

– Always wash new clothes before putting them on, including underwear.
If there is too much fading with a TPE doll, it will be necessary to purchase renovator from the accessories section of the website, which is highly effective.

It is a staining product, a sort of white paste which can be applied with a cotton swab to the stained area.

20/ How do you dress and undress a doll ?


For dolls where the head comes off: After removing the head, place arms straight in front. You must first slip the sleeves down and then unfold the sleeves to their maximum length, especially for long sleeves.

After that, you just have to pass clothing over the head support, then the rest will come by itself.

For all other dolls where the head does not come off: Dress the doll lying on a bed with legs stretched out. To put the legs through clothes, use clothing that is expandable either with buttons or a zip fastening.

21/ How do you repair a doll?

For repairs: clean the tear with acetone before repairing. If you notice small tears or small holes, a repair kit containing a glue specially designed for TPE can help you to repair your doll. We sell this special glue repair kit exclusively at the accessories section. Do not wait too long to conduct a repair to a tear because it could grow. Repairing any damage and disguising problems is very important not only for you but also for its future owner, if you ever decide to part with the doll one day.

Before starting repairs, it is advisable to clean the tear with acetone so that the repair can be effected properly.

Please use silicone with a similar tone to the shade of your doll, if you decide to buy a kit from elsewhere. For those with a translucent repair kit, then the repair will need to be coloured with blush (make up powder) to obtain the desired colour, but we recommend our TPE glue that is perfect for the job, unlike other solutions. To colour certain parts of the doll (mouth, breasts…) : silicone + blush + a few drops of diluting white spirit should then be spread on with with a brush.


22/ Are dolls waterproof? Can we take dolls for a bath?

Yes, they are waterproof, you can make them take baths and there is no air pocket. Both TPE and silicone dolls are entirely solid and without holes. If you have large tears that go down to the skeleton, then make sure that you empty the water which is to be found on the inside of the doll after each bath and dry it off thoroughly.

23/ Are the faces and eyes changeable?

Yes, the face and eyes can be replaced. 95% of the dolls on the real-love-doll site are interchangeable.

Often, sex is in need of renewal and, if you continue to look at the same face, then it sometimes becomes boring. The dolls allow you to change the head or the eyes. You can create your dream doll by using your favourite combinations.

24/ Can I send my doll back if I change my mind?

No returns are accepted. All sales are final due to the sexual nature of the dolls and the costs of production. On exceptional occasions, returns are accepted if there was an error on our part about the product or there was a manufacturing defect, and only after it has been agreed by email.

25/ I just ordered from the site, but I want to cancel my order. Is this possible?

Customers have 24 hours to exercise their right of cancellation and to be refunded. The second day following an order is when Real-love-doll starts production. During this period, no right of cancellation can be authorised (Article L121-20-2 of the Consumer Code). The period of non-cancellation is the time taken for manufacturing and moulding (15 days on average). Fresh casting is committed to by Real-love-doll from the first hour of moulding, and this is the main reason why the right of cancellation does not apply after the first 24 hours. For more detail, consult article II for terms and conditions

26/ I have a question that is not listed here, who should I contact?

Contact customer service directly at the following email address : / Phone 1 : +339 86 77 90 68  / Phone 2 +33667105632